Guitar Book for Children Based on the Classical Guitar Method

Welcome to the magical world of music. With this guitar teaching book children will learn step by step in the cheerful company of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Merlin and his friend, Wise Owl. These two offer all sorts of valuable advice, and teach the young learners the essentials of the technique of classical guitar playing, based on centuries of tradition. Children will learn to play the melody and the bass line, two-part playing, and playing in different positions.

But playing the classical guitar doesn’t just mean playing classical music. It means following a tradition that has been developed and refined over the course of centuries by the best guitarists in the world. The 95 pieces of music have been deliberately chosen and composed to reflect various musical styles, ranging from folk songs and classical music to pop and rock.

This guitar book contains many well-known nursery rhymes and songs that will encourage young musicians to practise. There are also some written exercises to help them understand musical notation.

When they have finished the book, the young guitarists are presented with a certificate.

This guitar book will enable young people to benefit from the rich tradition of the classical guitar. It will provide them with a foundation for playing all kinds of guitar music when they are older.

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Guitar Book for Advanced

Learning to play the guitar should still be fun. In this second volume of our Guitar Tutor, we have put together 78 pieces of music for classical guitar, right up to modern rock and pop compositions. In this guitar teaching book you will find many well-known and easy pieces for classical guitar by composers like Carulli, Carcassi, Giuliani, Diabelli as well as the famous "Spanish Romance" in a very simplified version. There are also many guitar songs composed in rock and pop style like "Rock Ballad" "Pop Song", so that the teenager student will enjoy it. This guitar school method book includes easy duets in various styles like Blues and Rock. Spanish guitar music like Rumba, Malaguena, Bossa Nova from Brazil and Tango from Argentina complete the whole collection. The guitar student will learn how to play guitar chords, how to accompany traditional songs like "Rock My Soul", "Scarborough Fair", "Aura Lee", "Amazing Grace", how to pluck guitar strings? He'll learn all of these guitar techniques, step by step, in Merlin's Guitar Lessons. And this guitar tutorial has much more in it: like power chords, improvisation, twelve-bar blues, dropped D Tuning, guitar theory part, guitar chord chart, technical exercises. You can hear many of the pieces on SoundCloud and practice with the audios. For more Information please view the Author Page. Make your guitar lessons even more exciting and order now.

  • A big collection of 78 easy pieces for acoustic guitar
  • Wide variety of musical styles
  • Excellent teaching tool

Songbook For Young Guitarists

Songbook For Young Guitarists
Merlin's Guitar Songs