Which strings for the classical guitar?

When choosing the strings, many factors play a role, from the type of music, the nature of the guitar to personal preferences. The most important in advance:

The classical guitar is always strung with nylon strings!

Their bass strings may have a threaded or solid core which is covered with windings of various metals and nylon. (multi filament nylon core)

String gauge

Classic guitar strings are made in different tensions. The harder the material, the higher the string tension. Nylon is a polyamide that was discovered in the early 1930s. Its properties, such as long durability and good stability, were perfect for the production of guitar strings. In the past, strings were made from natural gut or silk.

Nylon strings are available in four different tension:

  •   low
  •   normal
  •   high 

The normal tension is recommended for the beginning. Here you can find  strings for students and beginners from the brand manufacturer: D’Addario, Savarez, Hannabach, Augustine and La Bella:

Beginner strings for 3/4 guitar

Beginner strings for 4/4 guitar